Tuesday, 18 December 2012

This might have been a funny blog

I have really tried today to bring you a video of one of the funniest alpaca moments I have encountered - but I just could not opeate the video bit of the camera.  I will have another go later in the week, when the rain goes away again!  I will have to tell you about it instead and it is not at all funny unless you can see it.  In fact I was not going to trouble you with a photoless blog but then I was reminded. 

Lina's baby, Tulisa, is a tiny little thing but very feisty and independent.  Lina lets her feed when she wants her to but will quite often bite her ear or push her away.  Despite this, Lina is fiercely protective.  She forgets Tulisa for ages and Tulisa wanders away out of sight.  Lina is, to put it bluntly, a funny thing and tries to be the boss.  If she sees me appearing she rushes over to check what I am up to and get a bit of attention.  Now, if you stand around and talk to her for a bit and then say,  "Lina, Jalopena, Where's you baby?"  She perks her ears up, looks round and then charges up the field to find Tulisa!  She had done it several times but I thought it was a fluke - but it isn't.  She can understand what I am saying, I am sure she can!  This would have been very funny with video evidence. 

Now I am off to grapple the turkey from the freezer and check how long it needs to defrost.


  1. Of course they can understand what you are saying. I talk to mine all day long and they nod there heads at all the right places!

    Seriously we have one just the same. Minnie has got rather bored with her cria now, but if I say Minnie where's Marco she goes to him ( not with the same haste as Lina it has to be said)

  2. Can't wait to see the video but I can believe it...alpacas are really bright but we have one that is head and shoulders above the rest! Keep it up, Lina Jalopena!