Sunday, 9 December 2012

Hide and Seek

Today's main task was catching up on poo collecting - but we got distracted by the sheep and ended up playing hide and seek with Two Tone - which is a very odd thing to be doing with a sheep but she really does play hide and seek and gets very annoyed and stamps her feet if she can't find you!

Tulisa had no bottle today despite the cold.  I am debating weaning her with the others who need weaning but I think it will probably wait until after Christmas anyway.  Arctic is one who has been weaned and he made no fuss whatsoever about it - and he is growing very nicely.
He has a real look of Dude (his Dad) about him and has a lovely temperament.  I have introduced him to the halter but not actually put it on him yet - that may happen tomorrow.

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  1. Arctic looks lovely, lots of fleece! Hope he takes to the halter quickly!