Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Like a volcano, I may erupt

I have spent the last few days being very cross.  In fact I have been so cross I have not blogged - even this blog has been revised several times to remove all trace of the subject of my crossness.  I have, however, just sent off my membership for the Large Black Pig Society of which I feel I will be very proud to be a member.  I will not bore my readers with my pig adventure (which may not actually happen anyway, but you can find out more on my separate Pig blog (I will try not to mention here this area of speculation again!)

It's no good, I must sign off as crossness is brewing up again and £120/£75 for 6 months/what do I pay membership for (flippin' dog shows) is flashing before my eyes.  I will return when I have reached a state of calm.


  1. Come on Rosemary, let it all out!

  2. Wot!..... I'm a tad discombobulated with that blog ;o))

  3. Oh Rosemary, it sounds as though a nice glass of wine and a few deep breaths are called for! Hope the volcano didn't errupt!