Sunday, 25 November 2012

It's rained a bit

We have not had flooding as badly as many but it has been very wet - and it still is!  Sam is out on flood watch at the moment.  He likes to take an evening trip out to check the fords and I have had to have a 'chat' with him about the dangers of water (actually, he is very sensible but he does have a fascination with floods which began as a toddler in Italy where it rained a lot and he was constantly shrieking 'Floodage!' from his car seat!).  We had to move one lot of girls due to a very wet field shelter which we have never had before and we did have a big problem this morning moving the livestock trailer - the tractor had to be called into play.  That in itself was a bit of an operation as I had to stand on the axle and spray Eazi Start into the hole thingy on top whilst Carl turned it over.  Not good as I was wearing  my best trousers.  The alpacas are spending their time on the highest available ground.
Most of the sheep are sodden - apart from these two, George  and Two Tone, who have taken up residence in the hay shelter!  They just pop out when they see me coming.
The Ram has chosen Stumpy (the one at the back) as the one he likes to lie with!

And Christmas preparations have begun as today I defrosted the freezer!

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