Thursday, 15 November 2012

A lover of tomatoes

Today I made the Christmas cake - and burnt it slightly.  Hopefully, a bit of scraping, plenty of brandy and a layer of marzipan will sort that out.

Sam and I spent a good while taking photos to update alpaca seller and doing a bit of handling with the cria.  This was made more difficult by Bert who tried to get in on everything. 

Bert caught me eating a tomato (attempt at a diet) and now loves tomatoes which she eats very noisily.

So, more photos than words tonight.  First up is Dippy.
Then Mick, Sam's alpaca.
In fact Mick is so cute looking here is another one, with Arctic who appears to have no ears!
And JJ
Finally, Bert who insisted in getting in the way all the time - probably searching for tomatoes!

1 comment:

  1. Golden Guinea and Ursula here love tomatoes, but most wont touch them.

    I'm impressed at your blackie progress by the way, even out pet lambs from last year, with the exception of one won't let you touch them!