Monday, 5 November 2012

A touch of snow

We have had a sad event here but I want to forget it at the moment so I will tell you about that another time.
Yesterday I was woken up by a very excited Carl telling me it was snowing!  It didn't last long although there was still a faint trace of snow on the ground on the hill at lunch time.  All alpacas are perpetually damp at the moment but that does not stop Lady Tulisa dashing over to see if there is any chance of a bottle whenever I appear.  Just after my quiet moment with Bea, Tulisa appeared behind me humming - you can just see her beginning to realise I am there!
I have spent two very unfruitful days attempting to move the sheep electric fence.  I was doing well without a single tangle, despite having to move it from behind the pylon, when I realised there was not enough.  Sam assures me just two strands will be a mistake so I have had to stop and wait for some more to be delivered.

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  1. So sorry that you have had a sad event...whilst we wait to hear more detail, big hugs from LGM. Hope the cuddle with Bea helped, I think sometimes certain alpacas seem to home in quickly to our moods and instinctively pick up when we are sad.