Monday, 29 October 2012

A bit more poo!

Today started mega badly.  I got in the car and it had died in the night - it would not start.  I went into panic mode as I knew I would have to drive Carl's truck and, I know this sounds wimpy, I have never driven it on the road before - it is just too big and 'manly' for me.  I girded my loins and did a bit of reversing in the drive to check I knew where reverse  was, gripped the wheel and kangarooed down the drive praying I would not meet anything on our wiggly narrow roads.  I crept along at 20mph and even hit 30mph going through Woolland - but I almost reached my nemesis going up the cut.  I was half way up round the bend when careering towards me was The Gamekeeper followed by a small van and a transit - three vehicles at once is almost unheard of.  Automatic driving took over and I pulled up the bank ( I think I even lifted my hand from the wheel to wave in a sort of action man grip type of way with a rictus grin on my face), everyone passed, I came off the bank and drove off finally making it to the field gate - and never have I been so pleased to pull into the field!  Once I was there I decided to stay there until Carl came to rescue me but, having no food, I then had to walk to Okeford which is a VERY long way.  I then had to walk back which is uphill a lot of the time.  Luckily, The Builder passed me as I was on the long stretch back up the hill and he gave me a lift.

Teddy, one of the sheep, had by then got her head stuck through the stock fencing (due to her horns she can get through but then not back again) and, as I could not find the bolt cutters, I had to spend ages sawing away with a hand saw blade I found in the barn.

I expected Carl to appear at 6pm with my car all charged up and raring to go but he didn't as I forgot I had the car keys with me.  Finally, Sam appeared with Carl and I have a car diagnosis, "Damp!"  How can that  be?!  I have been damp for weeks but I still go!  It had better start in the morning or there will be serious ramifications!

On the alpaca front, Dilly did a poo today - which I retrieved.  He must have done them before (after the mega long one) but this is the first I have seen and it is mighty odd.  I have never known a 3 and a bit weeks old cria pooing like this.  I cut it in half as the outside looks like a chocolate eclair - in fact the inside does as well.   It appears to have a membrane round a hard chocolate bean - quite a big one considering the size of Dilly.  I have a photo for your delectation as I wonder if anyone else has a cria who poos like this - should I be worried?
 And, as that was an unpleasant photo, here is Dilly with Dippy who he is trying to make friends with!

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  1. Luckily they make cars damp proof in Cumbria otherwise we too would be taking a lot of very long walks! Very amusing account even if he experience was less so:)