Saturday, 20 October 2012

A visitor or two

No proper rain today but still mostly overcast with a great deal of mud.  The youngsters and their Mums came up to the top paddock near the gate as they had some visitors to see them in the afternoon.  Arctic's mum, Flemenco, got left behind in the big paddock but didn't miss him in the least and he did not miss her!  All are now reunited!  I think young Dilly was a bit of a hit as he does tend to  run over expecting a bottle.

We also had a visit from Farm Boy in the early evening which was a big help as I commandeered him to assist with the last few cydectin and vitamin D injections.  These were for the group of males and it meant we could easily do it in the field without bringing them into the barn which means taking them past Dude and all the girls - something which always gets them overexcited!

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