Saturday, 13 October 2012

Chaos amongst the Scots

Today was the day!  Lots of tasks to accomplish.  First on the list was to check the new sheep feet.
Plan A - shake the bucket and tempt them into the run - no chance they just stared.
Plan B - get the dog (small Jack Russell) to help chase them down - no chance, dog was scared and wanted to stay in the truck.
Plan C - Carl to walk slowly behind them whilst I ducked and dived at the side in the manner of a sheep dog in order to guide them into the run at the bottom of the field - this worked like a dream!

We shut them in the run and then tried to manoeuvre them into the race - here things went catastrophically wrong!  Carl got the Dorset Down and rolled her but whilst I was looking at the feet there was an almighty commotion behind, one Black Scot jumped into the gate, ripped it off it's hinges and escaped back into the field followed by A.N Other (mainly a Cheviot) whilst another Scot rammed the run with his horns and similarly escaped - we were left with two in the race making a very good attempt to destroy it. A little bit of handling area reconstruction now required.

After we had recovered we got the girls and babies down for their cydectin and vitamin injections - only to find I had left everything back at home.  And then it started to hail!

Tomorrow is another day!  Could be better weather so I will try to remember the camera.

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  1. Sounds like a day on Liberty Hill when dealing with the Blackies does that!!