Saturday, 27 October 2012

Dents and Feeding worries

A  large bale falling onto a Mitsubishi truck causes dents!  By the time Sam arrived home last night the roof had been kicked back up (I could tell this by the large boot prints in the interior) and the bonnet had received a little 'panel beating'.  Remarkably the whole of the exterior sparkled and shone as Sam and his boss had also pressure washed it and polished!  Carl checked it over to make sure none of the structural bits were damaged and something required doing to the suspension which is a little technical for me to go into but all in all I think Sam was lucky.

I am still struggling with Dilly who desperately wants his bottle but takes a sip and then stops.  I have taken his temperature and that is normal, checked his mouth and nothing appears amiss.  The only thing I could think of was that he still had a poo problem.  Carl was left in charge whilst Sam and I went over with Mother to visit relations and have a very splendid dinner.  Carl did his best but by the time we got back Dilly was still not drinking much and shivering badly.  We decided we would have to do another soapy water thing and I wrapped him in an alpaca scarf until he stopped shivering - I try not to fuss him but this was a bit of an emergency I felt.  After about 10 minutes he had a mighty bout of wind, stopped shivering and did drink about 150 ml.  He is now lying in state with Bert in the field shelter looking very perky and chewing hay.  Next worry is whether to give him his Lambivac tomorrow.  He is not a month yet but I was planning to give him his early due to being a bottle  fed - I will have to mull that one over.

Tulisa is taking full advantage of the Dilly situation as she really loves bottles now and finishes everyone he leaves.  She is very small, still drinks from Lina but Lina does not really have enough milk.  Tulisa has never, until now, shown any interest in a bottle.  Now that she is, I think she is starting to really grow - tomorrow we will weigh!
A busy day tomorrow as we have all the Lambivac injections to do as well as visiting a couple to check out the size of their paddock!

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