Thursday, 25 October 2012

Roll on Friday

Today has been - not to beat about the bush - rubbish.  I am now in a foul mood, made no better by the fact that the cat, Little Wee, stole the vast majority of my portion of roasted pork loin from my plate.  Just to catalogue my day for those who want to see that their day has been better than mine -

Dilly would not drink his bottles properly - he has only managed 300 ml in  an entire day.

The Mule is hopelessly stuck in the mud so I have had to carry bales and water around  without wheels.

Going up the cut at lunch time I met big tractor with beaters wagon on the back.  I backed back into a gateway - thinking as I did so, I am going to get stuck - which I did.  I could not roll out as there was a bank behind and could not go forward despite putting a Tesco's Bag for Life as far as I could under the stuck wheel.  Actually, this was not a complete disaster as The Perfect Tractor Driver had pulled up to check I wasn't stuck and, when he saw I was, he returned to help.  Pushing and a board did nothing so he reversed back an pulled me out.  Not sure how Tesco will react to a Bag for Life being  returned with a tyre print through the middle.

It has been misty/foggy (not totally sure of the difference) all day.

Tried to make a cake and broke the eggs directly into the mixture - one egg was off.

The End


  1. Thanks Rosemary...I now appreciate what a great day I had yesterday! Hope today is a better one for you :)

  2. I do hope you're having a better day today and that you managed to make your cake! :-)