Friday, 12 October 2012

Colour Decisions

The Black Scots are still eyeing me suspiciously from a distance.  The Shepherd did warn me, Debbie, that these were not the ones for me and I did go against his advise so we will see!

The sun shone quite a bit today and Dilly had his coat off - I followed him around with the BAS colour card trying to work out if he was light brown or dark fawn - I have gone for dark fawn.  I got it wrong with Yossarian when he was little as I thought he was light brown - but he isn't.
Trevor is soon to be weaned and is now actively looking for a new home (well, I am looking for one for him!) so we are starting to get familiar with a halter - we are not too keen at the moment!


  1. I've returned blackie lambs to their rightful field on more than one occassion today and they always eye you up!

  2. Colour isn't easy is it! We had the same issue with little Rosie...rose-grey or dark fawn but think we got it sorted in the end!