Friday, 26 October 2012

What happens when you drop a tonne bale?

I am glad I made some feel better about their day!  Cake making is off the agenda as the hens have now given up laying.

Carl told me to stop moaning  - so I have and today has improved in some ways.  Dilly still will not have a bottle.  He wants one and has a couple of sips but then gives up.  I have changed the teat, thrown the milk out and got new, cleaned all bottles - still will not drink and he is cold despite his coat.  He is still lively though but does keep retreating to the filed shelter where he sits in solitary splendour - moaning, just like Bert does!
The weather has really turned today - I wore gloves for the first time for ages this morning.  And on the subject of arctic winds - Arctic Lad really is beginning to look ridiculous now - he is too big to drink standing up and so has to lie down.

So - despite the Dilly feeding worry - today has been better for me.  However, today was Sam's turn to have a REALLY bad day - his boss dropped a tonne bale on his truck (his most prized possession)!  I am waiting to view the damage!


  1. If you changed Dilly's name to Azrael and Artic Lad to Lily you could be talking about ours!

    Hope the truck isn't too badly damaged.

  2. Oh Dilly is simply gorgeous...drink up silly boy!

  3. Dilly looks adorable, hope he begins to settle to his bottle soon! Trouble is, once they decide they're not taking it, it's a devil of a job to change their minds! Hope Sams truck soon "recovers"!