Thursday, 11 October 2012

A rather good letter!

Doom and Gloom on the hill today - - weather wise!  Hence no pictures.
The new sheep are settling well.  The Black Faced stare at me, feet firmly planted, "Come and get us!  We dare you!"  I am saving that pleasure until the weekend when Carl can help!
Bert's baby has a name - Dilettante (Dilly for short).  His sire, Jayne, was Dylan who suffered a catastrophe in the Brussel Sprout department last year shortly after his mating debut - so he is the only Dylan baby ever!  And a very nice one he is!  He is also thoroughly lovely and has taken up residence at the back of the field shelter under the hayrack.

If you too are feeling like a slightly gloomy alpaca breeder at the moment beg, borrow or otherwise acquire a copy of Farmers Weekly dated 5th October and take a look at the letters page.  Rather good!

1 comment:

  1. Blackies - you must be mad! Good luck with the bucket training. Even out of all the blackie pet lambs last year there is only one that will come anywhere near you!

    Saying that there are a few old girls who were obviously used to being fed by a quad because they come to see if you have anything when you stop on the quad.