Sunday, 28 October 2012

Weight gains - weight losses

Cold and wet - me and the weather!

We managed most of the Lambivac but then it started to get too muddy and wet so we had to stop.  Dilly has drunk a little more so far today but he has lost weight and is back to 6.4kg which is not good.  Tulisa, however, has gained weight, 2kg in a week and a half, and is getting very demanding with her bottles!  She also looks completely gorgeous - in a monkey kind of way!

This afternoon we went on a paddock check and have now sold Trevor and Storm.  They are not ready to go yet but a lovely new home awaits them when they are.  It is the ideal alpaca home and I am very happy to have sold them.  Storm I was originally rather keen to keep but I had an ultimatum - it had to be him or Yossarian and I really do not want Yossarian to go.  In the end I may have to very reluctantly add Yossarian to the sale list - not because I want to but as I really haven't enough suris unrelated to him that could be mated to him - and he is very lovely!

I have been trying to get some decent photos to send to someone but everyone started sulking and turning their backs to me - I put it down to the weather.


  1. Trying to get photos in this weather is nigh on impossible...the alpacas are either muddy or have rolled in dead leaves leaving the appearance of a delightful autumn overcoat! I even took one today and when I looked at it she had a huge leafy twig in her mouth! How I didn't see it...and it's not quite what the new owner wants!

  2. Tulisa is a real sweetie.

    Having to part with them is so difficult sometimes isn't it. Can't you just offer Yossarian for outside matings?!

    As for goat shearing don't you fancy a bus mans holiday; I found shearing poor nutmeg far too traumatic!

    1. Well! If Sam has a day off next week and you haven't found a shearer by then, I'll be in touch!!