Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Cat Fight

Making use of a break in feeding Dilly to clean the lounge.  This was not what I planned to do but while I was over the fields this morning another cat came in, beat up Little Wee and Cruella and left his calling card everywhere!

Up until this point the day has been good with lovely weather and a lot of sunbathing alpacas.  Sam's Jess was soaking up the rays!
Storm was just being annoying!  JJ did not want to play!
But Storm soon perked up when he saw the camera.
Dilly is learning to scratch without overbalancing - but he does use Bert as a leaning post!
Arctic is getting all grown up and takes eating very seriously!

1 comment:

  1. Storm looks beautiful, what a gorgeous colour he is.

    Hope you managed to get rid of the odour of the "calling card" left in your lounge! At least it was sunny enough to open the windows!