Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A fairly disgusting blog post.

I have warned you!  You may not want to read on - or look at the pictures. 

For a couple of days I have had a problem with Dilly having his bottle.  He has also been straining a lot and today it reached a bit of a climax.  Despite my best efforts I could not get him to drink anything despite him running over and obviously being hungry.  I went for a bit more soapy water at lunch time and after a bit the most enormous poo came out - as long as he was tall!  In fact it was so huge I took a photo of it!
And that is only half of it as half of it dropped off and blew away in the gale that was building up.  It was so interesting I disected part of it - there was a bit solid bulge first and the inside was full of tiny black grit like pieces which I presume was still his part of his meconium.  Poor little mite!
He went and had a good sleep after that and has just finished all his bottle so maybe he will be better tomorrow.
Interestingly I found a good blog post regarding something similar


  1. POOr man he must have been feeling pretty crap! I expect he will come on leaps and bounds now. We have had a couple similar this year where we have had to get the soapy enema out ( mild dog shampoo) and they have gained weight so quickly afterwards.

  2. Rosemary...glad I'm not the only one with more than a passing interest in poo! I think it tells us so much about our animals and how they are doing health-wise!