Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Reservoir Dogs

Very sorry about the lack of blogging but Carl has had some time off work so we have been having a holiday.  Mauritius?  Greek Islands?  Scuba diving in the Alps,  belly dancing in Morecombe . . No, we stayed at home and tackled a long job list!  And we are very pleased with ourselves as we now have a wood burner (not quite working yet and took a while as there was no chimney), all alpacas body scored (some fat) and toe nails trimmed, received visitors (well the alpacas have, not us), fenced, moved sheep, visited a place I will tell you more about another time, moved field shelters.  It does not sound much now I have written it down but it felt like a lot!  We tried to take a trip up north but just ran out of time.

This morning I moved the boys into their winter quarters which was slightly dodgy as they had to run past Dude - Alf and Dude were desperate for a bit of a go at each other, Yossarian was leaping around like a maniac and Greeves was trying to get in with the girls.  Harry just didn't know which way to turn!  After much puffing and panting we got there.There was then a great deal of posing at the fence

Marching in the manner or Reservoir Dogs
With the occasional jump around
And a bit of grazing thrown in

I then went to check the sheep and as usual Two Tone and the other pet sheep charged over for some serious back rubbing.  I was bending over to get a bit of weight behind the back rubbing when I noticed another sheep appearing just behind me - couldn't believe it when I turned round as it was the leader of the Scottish Black Face gang!  They were, at first (the other three still are) very flighty and I had to seriously focus on not reaching out to touch her - which was very tempting.  One day, when she has gained confidence maybe she will  accept a tickle in the field - that would be a wonderful achievement.

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  1. Nothing better than a week at home getting all the jobs done, it just always seems to go so quickly, had Carl opted for the week of belly dancing in Morecombe no doubt it would have felt like a fortnight!