Monday, 19 November 2012


A very productive, if cold, morning of cleaning all field shelters, watching the ram, filling hay racks and generally tidying up.  Trevor, Storm and the rest of the Mums and cria are enjoying their time in pylon paddock but the photo is a trifle boring compared with last night's photographic masterpiece I am afraid!
This evening we are suffering rather.  Carl has finished installing the woodburner and last night it was lovely.
Tonight, however, the wind is up outside and this has turned it into a smoke belching monster.  Carl is up a ladder with his head torch, the dog is passing out in the lounge, Sam has disappeared down the garage to buy chocolate and I have retreated upstairs - which is where Little Wee is heading as the belching smoke terrifies her!


  1. The wood burner looks lovely ! It looks just like mine ? I do hope the smokingis soon sorted out .... poor Carl up the ladder with the head torch on .... here's hoping you are now back to a nice cosy fire. Especially after a hard days work ! .... Jayne

  2. Looking lovely and cosy. We really should have had a photo of a smoke filled room after the fog and the dark. If fact you could just have used the same ones!