Friday, 11 May 2012

Very over excited!

Finally!  Back on the internet!  I have blog withdrawal symptoms and so will probably ramble on for ages - please excuse me it is just over excitement!
A lot has been happening here so I will have to try and fit it all in but I have to do the most exciting thing first - we went to the North Somerset show and took three alpacas.  This is the first time we have been to a show other than a fleece show and the weather made for a very exciting time - to be honest I don't think it would have mattered what the weather was like it was just so exciting!  The journey was horrendous - weather wise, not alpaca wise!  We took Trouble, String and Yossarian none of whom had ever been in a trailer before but they loaded like little lambs and settled before we were even out of the fields.  The weather got steadily worse and all three looked a mess but I kept saying to Carl and Sam, "It doesn't matter we are just going for the experience and to meet people."  In the end we hardly talked to anyone as it just poured in various ways!  Trouble and String were both in the same class so Sam took Trouble and Carl had String who, due to the weather, had not had as much halter training as planned but they were both so good.  I had to hold onto Yoassarian who was very unhappy his two friends had gone and was only distracted when he caught sight of a donkey who he really fancied meeting!

Now you are going to get rather an overload of photos now!  Sorry!  Sam was on tenterhooks waiting to take Trouble in and had to shelter in the truck from the worst of the weather.
Then it was into the ring with me trying desperately to see what was happening, take photos and control Yossarian.  Sam took it all very seriously - no chance to wear his new white coat though as it was drenched by the time he went in the ring.
Carl trying to look like he knew what he was doing!
And the results - well, if I hadn't been so wet by then I would probably have wet myself in excitement - a 2nd for Trouble and a 3rd for String!!!!

By the time Yossarian was on the weather was even worse - torrential rain with the odd burst of thunder mixed in.
The judge and stewards were fantastic and kept their humour despite the appalling conditions - most of the spectators had moved away by then as you can see.
Carl was having the time of his life!
So, how did my little man do (Yossarian that is - not Carl!)?
First place!  And he got colour champion but they had run out of rosettes so we're waiting for that one!
And just to prove I was actually there - and loving every minute of it  . .
Now as we snuggle down to sleep at night I whisper in Carl's ear, "Tell me again what the judge said . . "!!

No good I have to go and do feeding now so further updates tomorrow!


  1. Welcome back Rosemary....!
    I don't say much l know.....But, still look forward to and reading your posts....! :).
    Lovely photos...

  2. Fantastic, glad the weather didn't dampen your excitement!

    Glad to have you back.

  3. Well done! If you enjoyed that, imagine how it will feel on a fine day!! Great to hear your news after such a long time.

  4. Great to see you again!
    Congratulations on those wonderful results!

  5. Congratulations! that is dedication for you!