Saturday, 26 May 2012

Carl goes semi pro

Up to now Carl has been using standard alpaca combs for shearing but we were getting low and, as he has another 5 herds to do by next Friday, today he decided to give the Alpacacut comb a go - not quite the pro which is wider but wider than the standard and with  4 riders.  I bought it by mistake when restocking for the season and he has been a bit wary of it up to now but today it had it's first airing with Cassie as the guinea pig.  Very impressive - gets the fleece off nicely and evenly (not that I know I am just the getting them down, getting them up, toenails, sort fleece, brush up, hand oil, move heavy neck bag, turn on generator, put fleece in bag, take samples part of the operation).  Think we might be ordering another few of them now!  At this point I should be showing you a photo of Cassie but I completely forgot about photos.

Investigations into Angora shearing have shown up some interesting You Tube videos - not quite sure Carl is that excited about it though!

Little Wee's ear was still odd this morning (but not hot, painful or anything GHN) but she hasn't been in this evening so I am hoping she is alright.

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