Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Water container rolling

Today has been roasting - I am not going to moan about it but I have to say shearing when it is like this is hard work!  Carl and Sam were doing the shearing not me but I am shearing assistant next weekend - which should be fun.  I am just wondering if I need to get my hair done before then as it is rather a mess and when you are bending over a lot it kind of fluffs up anyway.

Today's alpacas to be sheared included one of the best young males Carl has sheared - great except it was one we sold!  He brought me a handful of stray bits of leg hair from the shearing mat and I saw what he meant - Ah well!

Everyone was tired and hot today - except Trouble.
She discovered the water container I had left by the field shelter and discovered she could roll it with her feet.

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