Sunday, 20 May 2012

The one to watch

We all seemed to be busy doing our own thing today.  I was on poo collecting, removing spilt hay from field shelters and John Deering (for no real reason except that I like doing it!) and moving the not so pregant girls into a new paddock - which they loved.

Carl was cleaning the bed of the pickup, removing the liner on the bed (unsure why) and other nameless things.

Sam was making a sort of combined play table/creep feeder/shelter for the lambs.

Sadly we really, really, really have written off Little Star as being pregnant now - it is just too late and there really are no signs.  Disappointing but I just don't think she was ready and was simply spitting off because she didn't want to know!  This is the most pregant group with hangers on.

From the left - Bert lying down (who shouldn't be in there anyway as not due till August), Crispie lying down looking at Bert and looking very pregnant, Emily should be due beginning fo June but I am not sure about her, Slink with her back to the camera, Sapphire (dark brown at the back and, again, not in the right paddock - not due for ages), Cassie due middle of June (light brown), Zara (black) 335 days on Tuesday.  Then Little Star at the front (Oh I don't know - maybe she does look a tad pregnant there) with String lying down behind her.  Yossarian at the front with Bea behind and Prue behind her next to Zara.  You probably didn't want to know all that - what it all boils down to is that the one to watch is Zara, first due (in theory!).

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  1. We went through the "Is she, isn't she?!" thing last year with first-timer Namaste, who actually had tiny Ebony at 370 days so maybe don't give up! Namaste didn't get the "grumps" and although big, she's a big girl anyway and we saw no movements we could definately put down to a cria inside!