Friday, 25 May 2012

A Few Fleece Stats

Positively tropical today but now a nice breeze is blowing which I am thankful for as I am trying to dry out my handbag. I collected two eggs this morning, put them in my bag and forgot about them.  Putting my handbag rather heavily into that same bag created an eggy mess all over the leather - very difficult to remove as I didn't discover it until later and by then it had dried. 

This weather I find it difficult to get interesting pictures as everyone is flat out.  Yossarian looks like a bag of old rags!

I didn't make it very clear last night, Judi - we did capture the other lamb with the aid of the crook and both twins were reunited with Mum - one was already back in the paddock with mum.  Today number 3 has been straight to the gate whenever I drive past so another escape is planned!

Thank you for asking about Zara, Debbie.  Today she has just been very, very hot.  She has been trying to go off on her own but Sapphire has decided to be her Birthing Buddy and is sticking close!

And Little Wee's ear?  It is decidedly weird!  I have no idea what is wrong with it as there are no cuts or tears.

And I have had my first fleece stat results back from the Fibre Lab today.  I should have sent them all off at once as it would have been cheaper but I was interested to see Emily and Little Star's (Trouble and Strings just slipped in as well!) for planning matings.    Emily came back at 25.9 mean micron which was what I was expecting.  Little Star at 19.9 I was very pleased about, at almost 3 years old I think that is pretty good.  Trouble was a respectable 18.4 and String was 17.4 which is impressive and shows Dude is doing well for us.  I knew he was putting the lovely face through and the conformation and I thought he was making massive improvements in the fleece but it is nice to see it in writing.


  1. Well done Dude! As you say good to have some evidence when making mating decisions.

  2. Rosemary, is Little Wee's affected ear hot or swollen, perhaps with a build-up of fluid?

  3. No, GHN, not hot, not swollen - no fluid - just seems sort of dead!