Tuesday, 29 May 2012

John Deere and a teat incident

I took a leaf out of the Mighty One's book today and saddled up the John Deere for an in depth session with some buttercups.  Round and round we went with a cool drink balanced in the cup holder, sun glasses firmly on and only the alpacas for company.  Several hours later I decided to see if I could John Deere under the electric fence - not so easy as I kept hitting the posts but I didn't do too badly until suddenly we died and no way  would we restart - it wasn't the fuel as I checked that.  I had to abandon that job and wait for Carl to return to sort it out.  This he did and returned to say I should have emptied it and had blocked it up.  Now this is very strange as normally a little alarm sounds and I had heard nothing despite going round and round in ever decreasing circles (with the occasional checker board effect) for almost two hours).  It is only now that the mystery is solved as Sam has returned from work and told me he snapped the buzzer off as it was too annoying!

I can't get too annoyed with him  though as he has been working long hours.  Last night he didn't get back until 11pm after having started at 7am.. He loves it though as they are silaging and  he is doing side loading.  He took his CB radio with him today so he could talk to the contractors as they were all charging around in their tractors filling up and taking the loads to the clamp!

We had a further disaster this evening as when Carl went up to sort the John Deere he also took up a top up bottle for one of Mastitis mum's lambs.  She only has half an udder after getting mastitis last year and one of the lambs charges over for the occasional bottle (he doesn't really need it though!).  He sucked so hard he pulled the teat off and swallowed it!  Must have been perished at the bottom and I should have checked more carefully - lesson learnt as now I shall be lamb poo watching tomorrow.


  1. One of my pet lambs did that last week although I managed to grab it; just! They suck and pull so hard on the teats don't they.

  2. Sounds great...round and round on the tractor with just alpacas around and...was that drink chilled wine or just orange juice?! Hope that the teat turns up!

  3. Just had to post again to tell you that...one of my "robot" words that came up to publish my comment was "acre"!!