Monday, 14 May 2012

Happy Chappy

Not quite such good weather today - drizzle for most of the time but not too cold.  The naked alpacas are still loving their new sheared look and are doing a good bit of pronking whilst the unsheared ones look on.  I'm not sure if this looks like maybe a couple are not pregnant after all and I think we might need to try a few spit offs at the weekend.  I think Cassie, background of this picture is a definite pregnant!
Sam takes his driving test at the beginning of June and has been desperately searching for a vehicle.  I was going to give him my little car but the insurance was horrendous so he has been searching comparison sites and finally found something that he can insure reasonably - You might recognise it!
Incredibly it is cheaper for him to insure our old 4x4 than to insure a little thing - he is very happy about that!  And lucky - as he can practise in the field where Carl and I were both up the old aerodrome with all the other teenagers and their our Dad's white faced behind the wheels!  Sam does have lessons with a proper instructor as well!

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