Thursday, 31 May 2012

Paddock numbering

Following on from my fibre testing - paddocks are now numbered and a little colour coded plan sits on my desk (I wonder how long before that gets in a muddle?!).  One handy tip which I should have realised and didn't - picked up from the AAFT information sheets - to put the samples in a paper bag - not a plastic sandwich bag as I did (condensation).  And for those who asked, the webiste is

It is beginning to cloud over a bit at the moment so maybe some rain later but hopefully not at the weekend as we have a lot of shearing to do - including these two ladies in waiting, Belinda and Carolyn, neither due until end of July/beginning of August but both looking like they feel very pregnant.
Zara is now on 343 days and appears to have gone off the whole idea and resumed normal eating, pooing and so on. 
Prue (front) and Crispie (suri behind) should be after Zara but Sapphire (lying down) looks bigger than anyone - she is Sam's and a tad hefty anyway!

Spent some time this morning sawing away at the stock fencing as Teddy (one of the Texel cross ewes) had got her head  through and her horns jammed her in so she couldn't get back - why she needed to is beyond me as there is mountains of  grass.

And my car has just flown through the MOT which has truly amazed me!

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  1. I put my fleece samples into cheap brown paper envelopes...I had always put them into zip lock plastic bags in the past too.