Thursday, 17 May 2012

A bit of a pronk

An early start today as it was the Ascension Day service in the church at 6.30am but, as this is followed by a delicious breakfast in the village hall afterwards, cooked by The Flower Lady, this is usually no hardship.  However, today I had to rush off afterwards to check the animals and just got back to the village hall for the tale end of the washing up!  Luckily, a sausage and bacon sandwich had been saved for me -excellent!

I am not sure what the most pregnant group of girls (in with the cria we still have from last year) were up to this afternoon.  They suddenly started charging around having been stirred up by Sapphire who was pronking around and whinnying at the top of her voice.  For a pregnant alpaca not in her first youth she is one lively alpaca!
Sapphire is the brown one at the back  - sadly, I caught them just after all the pronking.


  1. Pronking around naked?...not just for the young you know!

  2. Its great to see them pronking around in a frenzy isn't it?