Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Shearing the boys

Back to lovely weather today - and a leisurely bit of shearing, the boys this time.  All of whom, with the exception of Harry, were little darlings.  Dude was first up and virtually lay down by himself - I think he was relieved to get the fleece off!  Greeves behaved impeccably and just had a little moan when his front legs were being done.
Quite why I am kneeling on the ground with a miniature handful of fleece in this picture is beyond me but might explain why my knees got so dirty!
Alf, the suri, really amazed me with how muscled and strong he was with VERY impressive undercarriage!  I have several photos of it but fear it might not be the right thing for the blog.  We have, hopefully, his first cria due in August so that will be exciting.  He is in the middle with Greeves (looking a normal size now) at the front and Harry at the back.
And as for Harry!  Well!  He takes the prize for most noise made by any alpaca - worse than even Lina last year!

After that we did a good bit of paddock maintenance, had a Chinese Takeaway and now we are going to bed!!

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  1. So nice to see them with their fleeces off...don't they all look so did an amazing job with Greeves.