Sunday, 13 May 2012

A day of watching

Another day of lovely weather today and I spent a great deal of it sitting and marvelling at the difference a bit of shearing makes!  Even old Prue looks elegant - and very happy!

The cutest are String and Trouble but I was too busy watching to get a decent photo - this is the best of a lot which involves half a head, back end views  . . .

And finally some lamb photos - Shovel, Grace's baby first.  Happy with his mum - and nearly as big!
Two Tone's naughty twins.
And a pair of Blackies, exhausted after having escaped under the electric fence last night.

Oh!  And Judi, sorry - thank you for the comment but I deleted it by mistake, still getting to grips with this new Blogger.


  1. That's ok...can't remember what I put but think it was full of praise for you super shearing skills! It takes a while to get used to the "new" alpacas in the paddock doesn't it? I am surprised every year by just how different they look naked!!

  2. Warm weather and shorn alpacas I can't wait for our turn! As you say, even the old girls look elegant newly shorn.