Thursday, 26 April 2012

Back soon!

I do not like this new Blogger dashboard - can't find my way round it!
I am currently writing this on Mother's computer as I am now completely without internet and in the process of changing provider - there may now be a gap in blogging!!
I have not time to tell you about the latest Flask incident, Milk Fever, Flat twins, Shovel (doing well but Grace will only let him feed if I stand next to her), show you the latest photos, update on alpaca births (Little Star due today but not totally convinced she is pregnant) . . . will come back as soon as I am able.
. . . and I always feel bad missing  commenting on other blogs - particularly if there is some momentous news - I will be back to reading soon, I hope!


  1. Glad Shovel is doing well, I had my own version of Shovel head at the weekend. Ewe decided to try and pass two lambs at once and both were welkl and truly stuck!

  2. Hope your Internet problems are sorted out soon. I agree about the blogger changes, I dislike the new format too, much harder to manoevre around but expect we'll get used to it!

  3. Ditto new dashboard is a pain...hardly works at all via AOL but does when accessing using Google Chrome...funny that...Google obviously would prefer us to use Chrome.