Saturday, 14 April 2012

Shovel Head

Quite tired now - despite there being no new lambs - so the pictures were supposed to do  the talking.  The internet connection is so slow, though, that one has taken me an hour to do (I can't reply to my emails either if you have sent me one!).  Tomorrow I will try again with the rest of the photos.  In fact I am not sure even this photo is going to upload properly so if you only get half a photo or nothing at all I am sorry and will retry tomorrow.

This is Shovel Head (if there is a picture - I am unable to even check!)  who is still with us but Grace still dislikes him and I have had to pin her in a corner and push him under  to let him feed.  He has to virtually lie down as she has so low slung.  He appeared to have a slight weeing problem as he developed two squirts at the same time - one normal and one shooting off at right angles.  Strangely, this seems to have corrected itself.  His tongue is a bit red and swollen still and bits of him are wonky but he is strong.  He and Grace are still in a pen together but I fear it is not working - tomorrow is decision day.

Hopefully, a few more photos to come tomorrow.


  1. Rosemary, I could only see your noses, until I double-clicked on the picture, which allowed me to put it on my desk top, and now I can see the whole thing.

  2. We have everything crossed...poor Shovel Head!

  3. He looks like one I had a couple of years ago to foster for my farmer friend, things did return to a more normal shape in a few days!

    Hope Grace decides to like him, if not send him this way the one in my shed needs a mate!!!