Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A Few Photos

Possibly my internet problems are sorted - so I am getting  in quick before it all goes again!  And, as I have to get back to check sheep in a minute, it is mostly pictures.  The alpacas have all been moved to new paddocks - and, theoretically, split into first birthers, middle birthers and late birthers.  This was the theory but Bert and Sapphire had other ideas and pranced off into the early birth paddock despite them being late birthers - it seemed easier to just leave them there!

Quite apart from the lambing it has been busy - we shot over to check on the Rent Boys who are extending their rental as their adoptive owners didn't want to let them go yet - I have to say they looked very happy (alpaca rent boys).  We then had several sets of toe nails to zoom round and do for various owners - always fun to see other people's alpacas.

Then more electric fence needed to be moved for the sheep.  Now the lambs have been moved into fresh pasture driving amongst the lambs can be a little hairy - particularly with the little Blackies who hide in the divets.  Here some were before the move - imagine long grass all around them now.
Grace still does not like Shovel at all despite having been penned close to him for several days now.  She is feeding him but only when I hold her (although I have a suspicion he is sneaking a little as he is very agile and strong).
And here he is with Grace - near Grace but certainly not together!
Only 6 more to lamb now and then it is the start of alpaca watching!


  1. Glad you have your connection sorted Rosemary. As always good to see and hear about activities at Westhill Alpacas

  2. Lovely photos but have I missed a blog...who are the rent boys?!! Well done getting Shovel head to where he is, he looks like a strong chap...hopefully his mum will agree and let him suckle!

  3. Good luck with Shovel Head, I have a pair of twin boys in the shed with their mum who won't let them feed. I had to assist with the second delivery so she doesn't like him at all and it has to be said he's a little thick so even when I turn mum he wont suck, yet give him a bottle and he will drink the lot!