Saturday, 7 April 2012

Dodgy Connections

Internet problems are besetting me at the moment and I have been off line for the last few days.  I had one glimpse of the World Wide Web a few days ago but after sending a few emails which took almost 3 hours I just turned the whole thing off and gave up - miraculously this morning it had cured itself!  Hope it is not temporary.

I am not getting a great deal of sleep at the moment as the lambs are due tomorrow and I did think Stumpy was imminent two days ago but it was just discomfort accompanied by rather a lot of wind.  Hopefully, at least one will appear tomorrow - maybe even later when I go back to check.

We have also been busy with fencing - I had to buy a new energiser for the electric fence and it is a pretty scary one which shoots off blue sparks  if it earths out.  It did come with a free fence tester which is a wonderful little thing you hold on the wire and a  multitude of pretty lights twinkle and flash if all is well - much easier than a piece of grass!  Sam has been inventing again.  This time a sprayer (which actually works, despite what it looks like)!
The weather has ranged from very warm T-shirt weather to freezing 4 jumper and long john weather - sometimes all in one day.  Today we are in cold weather which is slowing up what was good grass growth.  I need the paddocks that are resting to grow quickly as the girls are waiting to move into them.  It will mean Bert and her baby, Trouble, will have to be separated as Bert is not due for a long time and I need Trouble to stay with the other youngster.  I am not sure how Bert will take it as, although Trouble was a bottle fed, Bert is very fond of her babies!  Here are the pair of them - with one of the other issues behind them - The Rolling Pit!  Wherever I put the girls they always create a rolling pit!

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