Monday, 2 April 2012

Sheep watching

This morning I was back to two jumpers, body warmer, winter socks and gloves - plus I  had to scrape the car.  By lunchtime the gloves, body warmer and one jumper were off and by coffee and a Garibaldi time the second jumper was off - strange weather!

Much of the afternoon was spent sheep watching as, although not due till next Sunday, a couple were doing a bit of pawing the ground and there was a bit of rolling from Old Grey.  Rolling is quite scary as they can only do it downhill and it takes a bit of effort to get going.  If they don't get going fast enough they end up threshing around on their backs until gravity takes over!  Most of the Welsh Mountains look like large black splodges when they are resting and about the thinnest is Teddy - posing by Sam's home made water drinker - borrowed from the alpacas!


  1. That water container idea looks great! We need to rig up something for across the road as we're carrying watering cans at the moment and it's hard work!

  2. Just love the water container idea!!