Sunday, 1 April 2012


After sheep checking I left Carl to strim under the electric fence whilst I went to the Palm Sunday service where we processed after the donkey.  There was a slight pause in the service as The Shepherd roared through - looked like he was after a calving rope as the Aunt may have been having difficulties (difficulties with a cow calving I hasten to add - not for her own use!).

Back at the fields poo collecting was followed by some halter training.  We have now progressed to obstacles - walking over disinfectant mats and jumping troughs.  Trouble is pretty good and Yossarian is brilliant - except he goes round the jumps rather than over.  They are mini jumps, I'm not planning to compete in show jumping events.  We have even ventured into two at a time training, although this seems to involve a lot of unplanned walking round in ever decreasing circles.

Carl is worrying me slightly as the sunny weather is turning his thoughts to bikes, everyone he hears he is identifying and extolling their virtues.  The worrying part though is his extolling the virt7ues of something called a Ural which apparently has a side car.  I now have a haunting nightmare which involves us roaring up the cut with me ensconced in the side car rather in the manner of Olive from On the Buses.


  1. Halter training with two at a time is certainly a bold decision Rosemary! The image of you and Carl on a motorbike and sidecar is fascinating!!

  2. Think how much knitting you could get done in that side car...easier than on the back of the bike!

  3. Fertiliser spreading from the sidecar????