Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Rent Boys

I thought I had better clear up the issue of the Rent Boys before anything else as I seem to inadvertently confused some people and have been in receipt of a strange email!  The Rent Boys are three wethers who live apart from the rest of the herd and earn their keep being sheep guards.  This year they have gone as Lawn Mower/paddock ornaments and have found themselves a very lovely billet where they are very happy.  We went to pay a visit to check them over and I am sure as soon as we drew up Cadders whispered to the others, "Quick, look cute or they will get rid of us and we'll have to go home!"

No more lambs yet and I am beginning to turn my attention to alpaca births so I hope they hurry up!  My photographic skills have not been up to much today with everyone missing ears or some other body part.  This is the best I can offer - Trouble (earless) and Yossarian, both of  whom were in the middle of fighting.


  1. Thank you Rosemary for clearing up the history of those "rent boys"!

  2. We did begin to worry about you Rosemary!!