Saturday, 31 March 2012

Alpaca Breeder Strike

Alpaca shortages!
Stock up here now

Sorry, couldn't resist that!  We haven't been on strike but first I was hit by an almighty cold - worst I have had for years - I couldn't breathe, my body wouldn't move faster than an ancient slug and I felt totally rotten.  Had to carry on though but it got really bad when the Grasstrak needed applying to the fields.  We meant to borrow the spinner again but with Carl working down in Torquay, Sam working till late and weekends filled up it had to be done by hand again.  After I had manfully struggled round one paddock on foot, Carl took pity on me and drove me round with me sitting on a garden chair in the bucket.  He kindly stopped and took the trouble to take a photo of me - ensuring, of course, that I looked my best!

Anyway I am almost recovered nearly three weeks later having missed the Futurity which I hear was very good and the standard outstanding - congratulations to all.

The second reason for the lack of blog was computer problems.  We had an intermittent connection and Sam had a go at fixing it - which resulted in no internet at all AND no phone!  Finally, tonight he discovered the problem - not my fault at all (he had been blaming me) he had plugged a lead in to the wrong slot!  We are now up and running, but very slowly, so I am hoping this will actually publish eventually.

It has been a busy time but now I am taking some time out to catch up on other people's blogs - and to decide on who goes where when everyone goes into their new paddocks at the end of April.  Greeves is the real monkey at the moment.  He seems to enjoy winding up Alf and Harry by jumping on them but they don't turn on him, they then start fighting with each other while he looks on!



  1. Great to hear from you again!

  2. Great to have you back blogging, glad you're feeling better! Love the photo of you and your fertlizer spreading equipment!! Who cares as long as it makes the grass grow...we have wheelie thing but it drops a big pile each time I hit a bump!

  3. When you don't do a blog Rosemary we know there must be a problem. Glad to hear you are feeling better, technology is almost co-operating and glad to have you back.