Monday, 5 March 2012

Fleece shots part1

Time to reveal one lot of fleece shots!  Someone said to me (Tip 1) it is better not to post any fleece shots unless they are good - in fact only to post alpaca shots which are good and show lovely clean, bright, well behaved and perfectly conformed alpacas.  However, here at Westhill, we are not following that advice!  So, I am not trying to pretend these are any good but things are what things are and I am going to show you my fleece shots whatever!!!  Yossarian, my little suri boy is my subject for this evening.  The second tip I was given were to have a handler, one to part the fleece and one to take the photographer.  I abandoned this tip as Yossarian immediately dropped to the floor and played dead so no handler required!  This is the only point in the whole proceedings where he was standing!

Tip 3 was to have a bit of a manicure and wear a flashy ring - I forgot about this one until it was too late.
Tip 4 avoid shadows - we remembered this one and the photographer managed with some contortions to get this one right.
Tip 5 don't put them in PIXresizer and make them smaller files - had to ignore this as no one would have bothered to wait long enough to see them otherwise.
Tip 6 Know the photographic equipment you are using and use it properly.  Luckily, this was down to my brother and he wielded his Canon EOS 400D Digital with 1/500 sec exposure and a focal length of 70mm (35mm lens) with aplomb!

So there you have it - I can do no better!


  1. Well you've certainly captured the lustre!

  2. Well worth the wait Rosemary... You have captured the lustre really well(always difficult I think) and what a fabulous colour... Shame you have not worn your bling...just to dazzle us a bit more!!

  3. Strands of Gold !!...beautiful lustre and colour....shame about the lack of nail varnish..where is that shocking PINK !! you usually wear....answer to your question.....possibly 10 !! if all goes well...and to plan !!!....Jayne

  4. Looks gorgeous to me.