Sunday, 4 March 2012

Are these acceptable fleece photos?

To be honest you will not be able to answer that question until next week!  We did make an attempt at fleece shots yesterday.  It was a bit of a rush as my brother was on his way to a Graham Kendrick event but we made a start.  Sadly, once I got home I realised we had a slight technical issue - his memory card needs a big slot and my computer only has a little slot!  By taking my monitor off and resurrecting an old computer tower Sam appears to be overcoming the problem but we are not there yet!  And, Jeff, when I say a special camera I mean one where you change lenses and other complicated things.  I think it is a posh Canon with a 35mm lens but will confirm (if anyone is in the least bit interested) that once I have managed to retrieve the pictures.  In the meantime, to enliven the blog, here is a picture of Dude.

A wet, cold day today where I did not achieve that much.  The two colour glove went wrong, the Mule developed a fault which involved much mud and a sad lack of 4 wheel drive - - - sausage casserole and a bath is called for as I cannot even have a cheering bar of chocolate due to Lent!


  1. Dude is certainly looking cool! Lovely photo of him.

  2. Giving up chocolate for lent, eek; good luck.

    By the way the tractor looks much cleaner than it actually is.

  3. Can't wait to see how you got on with those fleece photos! We just gave up trying with our black girls and will have another go later!

    Dude looks in good he's looking forward to meeting up with his girls again soon!