Friday, 2 March 2012


No alpaca pictures tonight I am afraid but tomorrow my brother is coming over with his special camera and we are going to have a go with fleece shots.  If this does not materialise tomorrow it means we have failed!

Tonight it is a Grace night.  Grace is my little Southdown who arrived with very bad legs and later had fly strike.  She is much improved but does get a bit bullied by the others.  She is also rather portly!  I keep looking at her rear and wondering how on earth a lamb is going to get out - assuming she is in lamb and not just a tub!
And, to show you how little she is - in height anyway - here she is with Two Tone next to her (Stumpy is just about to walk across the front of the shot and head butt her on the way through!
This year I am going to get some oral antibiotics and give the new lambs a drop on their tongues as soon as they are born as last year I lost one of the triplets to Rattle Belly and I don't want that again.  I am also blocking off their shelter in the lambing paddock as the Shepherd says the build up of cocci in there where they kept going in to have their lambs would not have helped.

And talking of the Shepherd, I was in the village taking to the Aunt and her daughter about their lambing when The Shepherd drove past with a Topper on the back of his tractor.  Is he showing off as he has so much grass it needs to be topped - or is he simple topping for the electric fence?!


  1. Grace is nearly as fat as Mia my pet lamb from four years ago - she is scanned for twins this year (hopefully she will like them this year!)

  2. What an attractive girl Grace is! We were used to Swaledales and Wensleydales so she looks very different!

  3. What sort of "special camera" is that then Rosemary??