Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A new foundation garment

So!  My hands look like winter hands do they!  And the dirty nail was noticed!

I have had a respite from fleece today as I went to Dorchester this morning to assist Mother in finding an outfit for a wedding.  Stuck in Goulds for several hours I ended up browsing the underwear department where a glamorous green lady asked fairly pointedly if I required assistance as I rummaged through some very lacy bras.  (Not a blog for my Gentlemen readers tonight - they may like to switch off now).  I decided I might like a bra but confessed to not knowing my size or having bought a bra in the last 7 years.  I have come away with a true monster of a bra, a bra you could trek through the Andes in and use as a handy emergency hammock!  The uplift is truly amazing and not a sight for the faint hearted.  It has strengthened my resolve to go to the Futurity.  I feel me and my new bra can go anywhere and achieve anything!!  NO photos tonight or it might turn into an episode of Readers' wives!


  1. Lucky you...I'd get lost in one like that!!

  2. Who is GHN...could the comment be meant for tonights blog I wonder...a mystery?

  3. Maybe I should have come with you, I think I'm as bad I don't remember the last one I bought - well the alpacas never complain and Paul wouldn't notice what I had on!!