Monday, 6 February 2012

Talking to Elvis

W have had a bit of an absence from the blog for various complicated reasons.  Life has been full of ups and downs and we range from manic hilarity to hunchback gloom.  However, as we are currently on a shaky high, I'd better do a bit of a catch up blog!

The animals are all doing well despite a shaky start to the year.  Can't remember if I mentioned but routine sampling showed Greeves had a fantastically high count for cocci.  He showed no signs whatsoever - lovely little poos, body score good, lively.  We drenched him and have also had a sample sent to Baycox to try to determine the type of cocci we are dealing with (some are not supposed to be pathogenic) and then we will be able to make a plan!

We had one day and night of snow which was luckily at the weekend.  Luckily, as it meant Carl could drive up and down the hill!  The hill was, as usual, very exciting with Ladies stuck, tractor jackknifing, 4x4 spinning and a poor lone young lady wandering around.  We did a bit of escorting down the hill, rescuing a damsel and standing around shaking heads with complete strangers and by the next day it was gone.  I had to hide water in the hay as it froze quicker than I could get it round but now we are back to mud.  Here is the snow arriving with Cassie hurrying for the shelter while Lily lies there looking annoyed and Sherbert continues to eat!

And here are the sheep - bothered about nothing except their hay!

House hunting was very depressing and we had started scrapping the bottom of the barrel and then we suddenly found a real possibility - slightly challenging location for the main fields but a distinct possibility, investigations ongoing on that one.  We had a quick trip to see Red Van Man on Saturday to catch up on news and then dashed back to pay a visit to do some toe nails for some boys we had sold before Christmas and in amongst that we had a phone call with some information on another property (like buses - you wait ages and then . . ).  This one is interesting but not without it's difficulties - ongoing research there!

Sunday night was Chinese with Elvis which was a totally surreal experience!  First time we have been out for ages which was very nice and left us feeling more as if we were normal people (well. as normal as you can feel when Elvis has been crooning away next to you whilst eating noodles with a black bean sauce).

Sam has finally got a motorbike which appears to be reliable and which, despite falling off in the snow, he enjoys riding.  He also had Sunday afternoon off and spent most of it cuddling Bianca and Sapphire (his alpacas)!

Now I have just about, and very reluctantly, put my little ones on the sales page and on alpaca seller - just got to try and get better photos tomorrow - then we have 2 days poo picking waiting.

I'll be back as soon as I can, hopefully tomorrow and will hopefully soon have news of what is happening!  In the mean time I am going to read everyone else's blogs this evening as I have a lot of catching up to do!


  1. Good to hear from you...dont leave it so long next time please...we want to hear all about these houses!

  2. Great to see you're back blogging! I know what you mean about putting the littlies up for's horrid! Getting decent photos...they seem to know why you want them to "smile please!" Then getting fleece photos, well I'm just hopeless at that! Good luck with the house hunting!