Saturday, 14 January 2012

Worms and cocci

Cold, frosty and an early start again as Sam's moped still not working!

I had the  results of the faecal counts through this evening and Bert has a low cocci count.  The vet says it is low but she is still showing signs of a tummy ache so she will have a Baycox tomorrow.  Trouble was a shock - I sampled her as well as she still seems to need a bottle and is not thin - but not a proper body score.  High cocci count for her - very high in fact.  Baycox for her tomorrow.  Then Sherbert she had a high count of worms - Trichuris which I hadn't heard of before - she is getting a five day course of Panacur.  Harry had no count for anything at all - thank goodness!

So - tomorrow you can tell what we will be doing . . and I shall be doing more samples later in the week.


  1. Rosemary, at least now you know what you're dealing with you can zap it and move forwards! By the way trichuris are whipworms; their eggs take 3 weeks to mature so a few weeks with good hard frosts is what you want to get rid of any eggs waiting to hatch and re-infect! (I'm not a walking encyclopaedia.. looked this up in my vet book!)

  2. Baycox and Panacur are two worthwhile treatments from our experiences Rosemary.

  3. I have just been chatting with my vet regarding our poo samples, and am pleased to say our worm count is very low with no signs of cocci, but he did say a lots of people were experiencing problems with whipworms at the moment due to the mild weather, I also didn't know what they were, but now do and like Judi said we need a few weeks of good hard frosts to get rid of the eggs before they hatch.

    Hope Bert is feeling better soon, we are still having problems with our little Zeus, he has no sign of worms in his poo now, but vet said he could have irritation from the dying worms after we had wormed him the other week and this could go on for about three weeks! He still seems to be experiencing tummy pains!