Friday, 13 January 2012

Bert, breakdowns and a bit of advise

Last night Sam broke down on his way home - luckily, a very kind man stopped, put his moped in the back of his van and brought him all the way home!  I hope very many nice thing happen for him!

Carl didn't have time last night to help Sam fix the moped so it was an early start to take him to work.  I didn't mind as I was keen to check on Bert as soon as possible.  Bert seems okay today so maybe it was a fuss about nothing - we'll see if anything shows up in the sample I took into the vets.

First proper frosty start to the day today and I did something I am quite proud of - I rolled Grace!  I am not very good at rolling the sheep - usually I do more rolling than the sheep do but today Grace was limping rather badly and she would not stand still while I lifted her feet.  I had a go, expecting to fail, but over she went without a struggle and sat there while I checked her feet.  I couldn't see any sign of anything nasty but her feet where packed with mud which had frozen so I think that may have been the problem.

I did a little halter training in the afternoon.  Trouble will now walk a few paces, Yossarian only 'died' once but Greeves still will not move.  Even when I take the halter off he does not move - just stands there for a minute and then resumes eating!
Finally - a little advise!  I have discovered a great nail varnish which lasts and lasts despite tyre inflating, poo collecting, feet cleaning . . . The only problem is nail varnish remover does not seen to remove it and I resorted to slowly chewing it off.  Having cleared only one nail in a week I gave up and went to the Nail Lady this morning where it was removed and replaced - so, the advice?  Be very careful when choosing the colour of your long lasting nail varnish.  Barbie pink with sparky glitter in it looks jolly in the week before Christmas but faintly ridiculous by January 13th!!

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  1. Glad Bert is better today...they do like to keep us on our toes don't they?! I suppose they, like us, are allowed the odd "off day" long as that's all it turns out to be!