Sunday, 8 January 2012

A little more success!

Off early this morning for a very nice visit to see the three little boys we sold before Christmas.  They are living in the lap of luxury!  Little hillocks to stand on, a fantastic field shelter - which they actually use, lots of attention - and they are thriving on it!  We checked nails and gave vitamins and were sad to say goodbye to them (we'll be back in a month to follow up!).

Then it was back for a little poo collecting and clearing of field shelters which was greatly hampered by some of the girls!
Emily, Cassie, Bianca and Carolyn exercising their jaws!

Carl and I then decided to have a quick go with Yossarian and Greeves on their halters.  I had Greeves who still would not walk but did shuffle along with a bit of a push.  Yossarian was a surprise as today, despite yesterday's fiasco, he was not bad at all!  We did not 'die' once and actually managed a bit of a walk.  Carl is pretty big headed about this and says it is due to his influence - I am giving him Greeves next time!

And finally, an early morning shot of Flemenco who had spotted something dodgy in the hedgerow.

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