Thursday, 5 January 2012

Funny Face

Very windy again today and pretty scary up in second!  I was feeding the sheep when a big gust blew Two Tone over sideways and sent a bale of hay tumbling up the hill!  I nearly followed but clung onto the hay feeder where I became aware of a odd clanging noise.  Looking up I could see the pylon moving at the top - looked pretty dodgy to me and I am sure it doesn't normally move like that - I shall ring the electric board in the morning and tell them their pylon is swaying.  Luckily, the wind has now died down.  Then I went to Tesco - and it was closed!  A power cut, so I went to Morrisons - and it was closed.  Same reason so I went back to Tesco which was, fortunately, open by then - a good thing as Trouble was out of Goats' milk.  She had been on Lamblac and was weaned but she seemed to still need a bottle so she is back to one a day.  Goats milk now as I ran out of Lamblac.

Thank you from Sam for all the good wishes for his birthday.  He was invited to a party last night but it didn't start until 10pm and he is in bed by 9pm!!

Today I thought I would do some photos of Dude who normally poses quite nicely but today he kept pulling silly faces!

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  1. Dude has obviously just come out of the shower(he's so sparkly clean), but...maybe the water temperature was not to his liking hence the funny faces?!