Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Quest begins!

Time has really flown since my last blog - another new year already (Happy New Year to all!).  Carl had a week off over Christmas so we got lots done - moved animals (it was supposed to be just the youngsters, the Thinnies and Little Star but somehow Lina managed to slip in unnoticed and then refused to move out of the nice new field), made track a little less dodgy, re sheeted barn, moved field shelters . . .   Felt quite proud of ourselves really . . and then it got a trifle windy!  Half one field shelter roof peeled off (almost - now ratchet strapped down), Dude's shelter shifted itself a whole one foot to the right (now pegged down again) and the barn sheeted turned into an enormous sale and ripped asunder!The view across third field does not  quite show the wind and rain we were having.

But I think the look on Sapphire's face says it all - she spent most of yesterday hiding behind the field shelter!

I have been poo collecting as if my life depended on it as I had got a bit behind - almost caught up now.  I had to have a quick break from it this morning in order to fit in a long overdue visit to the library van and a visit to the Flower Lady.

And today is Sam's birthday - 17!  Which means he can now commence his quest for a driving licence!  First lesson this Friday!


  1. Happy Birthday Sam, good luck with the Driving Lessons

    Rob n Les

  2. I hope you've taken something for the wind! We seemed to miss the worst of it and, at last, it's stopped raining! Happy New Year to you all and Happy Birthday Sam...driving lessons, does that mean there'll soon be no need for the services of "mum's taxi!"?

  3. Happy New Year to you all...wishing you all the best...and Sam a very Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy birthday Sam. The wind is terrible here too, caravan mark one is now on it's roof, 2 of our dismantleed field shelters blew all over and broke and there's a flapping roof sheet on our still unfinished shed.

  5. Happy New Year from France and Happy Birthday Sam !!! Odile, Raphaël, Vanille & Valentin