Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Cute baby alpacas (not!)

The challenge for this morning was nice fluffy, cute baby pictures.  I rose to the challenge, I crawled around, made mad clucking noises, sat patiently - all to no avail.  They either found a desperate need to poo or wee, had their ears down or spat at each other.  I have some fantastic poo shots, bottom shots, top of the ear shots and that is about it!

Trouble with ears firmly down and Yossarian looking like a demented seal.   Bea and String have just trampled a new bale waiting to go in the rack (mine all seem to love pawing hay and rolling in the spillages)
And finally Bea and String with filthy little beards!

Tomorrow is another day!  It is getting a lot colder here so I have wrapped up lots of barrells of water in the hay which will hopefully prevent it freezing overnight.

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  1. I know what you mean about trying to get decent photos! I've had requests for teeth, fleece and leg photos...ok, can manage teeth and legs but fleeces!! The grey comes out black, the blacks look grey...as you say tomorrow is another day!