Thursday, 16 February 2012

Much debate in progress

Might be needing to rent Sam out, the way we are going!!  He was back at work though today so no help from him here.  Despite a horrible cold I managed to clear the fields and a lot of spilt hay.  The alpacas all seem to be very messy with their hay at the moment.  I think it is probably because they are eating so much more of it and I am filling it up more often due to much less grass in the paddocks.

Sniffling and snuffling did not stop a bit of halter training this afternoon and Trouble did very well, Bea was a little bit more jumpy, Yossarian did not collapse once (I think he was about to at one point but I managed to push him back into an upright position so I am not counting that little slip).  Now I am kind of tempted to make a little foray into a show.  Carl is a bit ambivalent about it and as he is the one who would have to take them round the ring (I would be a quivering jelly)  I think it will have to be his decision in the end.  I shall just do a bit of background research and see what he thinks.  Anyway, even if we don't, I am now going to call my selected few The Show Team!  So, providing there is no rain, tomorrow I am on a mission to get photos of The Show Team so I can unveil them on my blog tomorrow!

And the peacocks - they haven't been back in the garden but spend some odd moments sitting on a fence a garden away from us.  They do make a noise but not a lot of noise - and it is a nice chattering noise - at the moment!

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